ADAPT National Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Training Surveys

We are requesting your participation in a national survey effort to help us better understand law enforcement defensive tactics training and how it affects officers' decisions and actions related
to the use of force.


The purpose of this comprehensive survey project is to collect vital information from defensive tactics instructors, trainers, and law enforcement officers in support of the Adaptive Defensive and Protective Tactics (ADAPT) Program.


Please use the links below to complete one of the following confidential surveys:


Defensive tactics instructors or trainers:


Front-line law enforcement officers:

ADAPT Defensive Tactics Roundtable Webinar

This 60 minute recorded webinar provides an overview of ADAPT, a U.S. Department of Justice funded program created to transform law enforcement defensive tactics training. Featured speakers: Polis President & CEO, Dr. Jonathan Wender, Polis National Training Director, Sgt. (ret.) Don Gulla, and Dr. Joel Suss, Professor, Wichita State University.

Phase I - Evaluation of Existing Training & Research Under Way

Polis Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have officially started work on Phase I of the new ADAPT program. ADAPT is funded by the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance under the National Officer Safety Initiatives (NOSI). NOSI was created to help improve officer safety based on needs, emerging trends, and concerns brought on by the challenges, threats, and situations that law enforcement officers face every day. The mission of ADAPT is to evaluate, update, and improve defensive tactics training for state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement agencies and academies. Under the grant award, Polis will work closely with selected agencies and academies across the U.S. to evaluate their existing defensive tactics training, and based on this evaluation will develop a model defensive tactics training program that law enforcement agencies can implement nationwide. 

The name "ADAPT" is based on the concept that the foundation of officer safety is the ability to adapt decisively to dynamic circumstances and conditions. ADAPT will systematically integrate data from the latest research on decision-making, use of force, officer injuries and fatalities, officer safety, human performance, physiology and kinesiology, and a host of related topics. To develop ADAPT, Polis will establish collaborative partnerships with training academies, defensive tactics professionals, researchers, and law enforcement leaders. All ADAPT training will be evidence-based, interactive, and use adult learning concepts. 

Click here to learn more about the ADAPT award.

ADAPT Request for Information


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