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Polis Patrol Expert™

Polis Patrol Expert™ is a web-based digital training system that gives law enforcement agencies of any size a simple, affordable way to create, deliver, and evaluate scenarios using video footage from body-worn cameras or any other source. Polis Patrol Expert also works with audio files.


Polis Patrol Expert software lets law enforcement agencies upload video files to our secure site, and then use simple editing tools to quickly turn the videos into web-based training scenarios. Scenarios can be customized to fit your agency’s policies, procedures, and jurisdictional laws. Once your training is built, your agency’s personnel can access it anytime, anywhere, and you can track and measure their performance.


Polis Patrol Expert is the first system to enable law enforcement agencies to quickly and affordably turn video footage into evidence-based, on-line training. No other tool has our powerful combination of research-based training methods and user-friendly content customization.

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