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"Polis" is Greek for "city," and is the root of the English words "police" and "politics."

Polis provides technology, research, and training to build public trust and safer communities.

Evidence-Based Training to Improve Officer Performance


Polis Solutions is a technology, research, and training company that develops and implements customized solutions for police, criminal justice, and other government and private organizations designed to improve the safety and outcome of face-to-face interactions in high-stakes situations. With the right skills and training, every social interaction can enhance public safety and trust.


The Polis Solutions team integrates experience and expertise in policing, training and education, social science, technology development, and organizational leadership and reform. Our powerful ability to integrate operational and training experience with scientific research and technology development enables us to create effective, evidence-based solutions for our clients.

Polis in the News

Contact us to schedule live or virtual training at your agency.  Flexible options available to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions.

Some of Our Current Agency & Organization Partnerships Include:

  • Caruth Police Institute

  • City of Long Beach (CA)

  • Cleveland Division of Police

  • Dallas Police Department

  • The National Police Foundation

  • South Bend (IN) Police Department

  • Virginia Beach Police Department

  • Washington County (OR) Sheriff's Office

  • You & Five-O

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Valued Partnerships

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