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Decision Training for Critical Incident Response

​​ Polis's Dr. Brian Lande has helped California Comission on Peace Officer Standards and training develop its video-based training for Critical Incident Response. Critical incidents are challenging because they are infrequent, unpredictable, and complex. Officers have a hard time developing expertise in handling critical incidents - which can be as diverse as HAZMAT spills to active shooters- because they so infrequently occur. CA POST's Initial Response to Critical Incidents training is the first of several training interventions designed to help novice officers and novice supervisors overcome the difficulty in gaining expertise in handling critical incidents. POST writes of the training:

Seeing What Others Don't

Our colleague at Macrocognition, Gary Klein, is a world renowned cognitive scientist who studies real world decision making. Gary published an article in Psychology Today, "Seeing What Other's Don't." Gary discusses findings from our DARPA-funded interviews with police officers and soldiers (specifically new officers) about their experience with critical incidents that hinged on social performance. It should be noted that T3 is, in part, based on Gary's work on the DARPA SSIM program as well as research that we collaborated on. Gary found police officers made more effective judgments about social situations than soldiers did for several reasons. First and foremost, they had experts available

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