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Scientific American Article Features T3 Training

An article published today in Scientific American features Polis Solutions and T3 training for offering practical, realistic skills that prepare officers to remain calm and in control when faced with threatening situations. Read the full story here.

Senior Trainer Officer Thomas Paige Honored at Ohio State Game

On September 10, Columbus PD Officer and Polis Senior Trainer Thomas Paige was honored at the Ohio State University football game for his service and dedication to his community. Officer Paige received a standing ovation from the crowd of 108,000. We are proud to have such a respected community leader in the Polis family.

T3 Training Builds Community Trust in Fairfax County, VA

In the wake of events in Ferguson, MO, Fairfax County established a Communities of Trust Committee comprised of residents, community leaders, and public-safety personnel. Its members focus on strengthening and building positive relations between public-safety agencies and the people they serve. Recently, Chief Roessler brought in T3 training to work toward the Committee's goals. Read the full story here.

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