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Selected Publications by Our Team

ADAPT Research Report: The Current State of Police Control and Defensive Tactics Training

Marc Brown, Don Gulla, Margaret Hornor, Brian Lande, Michael O'Neill, Alyssa Pulliam, Trak Silapaduriyang, Joel Suss, Jonathan Wender, and Katelyn Yep.

Breathing like a soldier: culture incarnate

Brian Lande, Ph.D.

Building Blocks of Social Interaction

Brian Lande, Ph.D.

Empathy: What Is It, Exactly?

Vivian Ta and Brian Lande

Emotional Reactivity and Police Expertise in Use-of-Force Decision Making

Vivian P. Ta, Brian Lande, and Joel Suss

Engagement-Based Policing: The What, How, and Why of Community Engagement

Brian Lande, Ph.D. & Jonathan Wender, Ph.D.

Enhancing hands-on training with online learning

Chief Joel Shults, Ed.D., Jonathan Wender, Ph.D., and Nassar S. Nassar, Ph.D.

Evidence-Based Policing and Fatal Police Shootings: Promise, Problems, and Prospects

Lawrence W. Sherman

The Good Stranger Frame for Police and Military Activities

Gary Klein, Joseph Borders, and Brian Lande, Ph.D.

Human Social Interaction Modeling Using Temporal Deep Networks

Mohamed Amer, David Salter, Behjat Siddiquie, Brian Lande, Ajay Divakaran,
Amir Tamrakar, Darius Mehri

"Laying Hands" and Learning to Touch and Grab in the Police Academy

Brian Lande, Ph.D. 

The Media, the Public, and the Law Enforcement Community: Correcting Misperceptions

Brian Lande, Ph.D. & Gary M. Lande 

Police Expertise and Use of Force: Using a Mixed-Methods Approach to Model Expert and Novice Use-of-Force Decision-Making
Laura Mangels, Joel Suss, and Brian Lande

Police and Military as Good Strangers

Gary Klein, Helen Altman Klein, Brian Lande, Joseph Borders, and James C. Whitacre

Review of Neighborhood-Based Leadership Development Efforts in Distressed Communities

Jonathan Wender, Ph.D. & J.P. Anderson, Ph.C.

Tact, Tactics, and Trust: Building the Foundations for Engagement-Based Policing

Brian Lande, Ph.D. & Jonathan Wender, Ph.D.

The Tower Game Dataset: A Multimodal Dataset for Analyzing Social Interaction Predicates

Behjat Siddiquie, Mohamed R. Amer, Amir Tamrakar, David A. Salter, Ajay Divakaran,
Brian Lande, and Darius Mehri

Using Natural Language Processing to Measure Cognitive Load During Use-of-Force Decision-Making Training

Vivian Ta-Johnson, Joel Suss, and Brian Lande.

The Value of the Arrest: The Symbolic Economy of Policing
Brian Lande, Ph.D. & Laura Mangels

VALOR Final Report

Polis Solutions was pleased to submit a final report to document our work completed
under the BJA VALOR award. 

What Does it take to Train a Good Stranger

Robert Hubal, Mike van Lent, Jonathan Wender, Ph.D., Brian Lande, Ph.D.,
Scott Flanagan, and Sarah Quinn

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