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Decision Training for Critical Incident Response

​​ Polis's Dr. Brian Lande has helped California Comission on Peace Officer Standards and training develop its video-based training for Critical Incident Response. Critical incidents are challenging because they are infrequent, unpredictable, and complex. Officers have a hard time developing expertise in handling critical incidents - which can be as diverse as HAZMAT spills to active shooters- because they so infrequently occur. CA POST's Initial Response to Critical Incidents training is the first of several training interventions designed to help novice officers and novice supervisors overcome the difficulty in gaining expertise in handling critical incidents. POST writes of the training: "Designed to help peace officers more effectively deal with critical incidents, this program covers a wide range of situations-- from single peace officer incidents to large-scale mass events. The training focuses on first responders and the physiological, psychological, perceptual, and cognitive issues faced when responding to critical incidents and high levels of stress."

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