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Polis Wins $2.3M in DOJ Grants

DOJ has just awarded Polis Solutions over $2.3 million in grant funding, consisting of two separate awards:

1) $2.1M two-year prime contract from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to provide de-escalation training via the DOJ's VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Program. Polis will provide a subcontract under this award to CNA, to assist us with program technical support. Here is DOJ's official description of the project:

"Polis Solutions and CNA will serve as the Valor Program’s De-Escalation Training and Technical Assistance Provider to deliver evidence-based de-escalation TTA on a national scale that will help to educate and protect state, local, and tribal police officers and improve outcomes and relationships between police officers and the diverse communities they serve. Working with BJA, Polis and CNA will provide a full suite of TTA based on multidisciplinary social science research into the dynamics of face-to-face interactions in low-trust, high-risk situations of the kind exemplified by police encounters with people in historically marginalized communities, people with mental illnesses, and people in various states of crisis and trauma. Included in the TTA will be on-site training events, executive briefings, a train-the-trainer (TOT) course and TOT toolkit, a training resources suite (pamphlets, booklets, instruction manuals, etc.) and a de-escalation incident analysis website."

2) $232K two-year subcontract from the National Institute of Justice to participate in a University of South Carolina two-site independent experimental evaluation of T3 tactical decision exercises. This effort will be directed by Prof. Geoff Alpert and Prof. Jeff Rojek, two of the nation's most respected experts on police use of force.

We are proud to take on this leadership role in police reform.

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