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T3 - Tact, Tactics, and Trust™


“Train to the desired outcome, not the isolated skill.”


T3 – Tact, Tactics, and Trust™ (T3™) is an evidence-based police training system that combines social, tactical, and decision-making skills into a unified program. T3 uses scientifically validated methods to strengthen officers' capacity to be agile, adaptable, and creative in situations where safety, communication, and trust are essential. Our classes use an interactive, hands-on approach that systematically develops officers' ability to integrate tact, tactics, and trust. Whether the situation is a victim interview or potentially lethal encounter, T3 builds skills that help create positive outcomes across the full spectrum of police-community interactions. 


T3 has received major funding from the U.S. Department of Justice to support some of the nation's leading officer safety, de-escalation, and police reform initiatives.


T3 has been delivered at dozens of police agencies across the U.S., and has earned praise from executive leaders, supervisors, trainers, line officers, and community members.

T3 provides a flexible, scalable training framework for improving the safety and outcomes of police-community interactions. T3 can be used in academy, field training, in-service, roll call, or any other law enforcement training environment. 

T3 is the only police training program of its kind to undergo an independent, U.S. DOJ-funded scientific evaluation. Results from the evaluation show that officers who completed T3 training prioritized procedural justice over physical control.


  • User Level 1 and Level 2

  • Supervisor/Command Level

  • Train-the-Trainer

  • Community-Police Trustbuilding

  • ADAPT™ Advanced Officer Safety
    (Adaptive Defensive and Protective Tactics)

  • Custom Courses: The T3 framework can be used to create courses and programs to meet a wide range of training and education needs. 

To learn more about T3, including information about specific courses, scheduling, and costs, view our strategic overview.​

Evidence-Based Training


T3™ uses training methods and content that are evidence-based and data-driven.
What we teach in T3 and how we teach it is shaped by the following key sources:

• Scientific research on decision-making, perception, cognition, and human performance in high-stress, critical environments.

• Scientific research on face-to-face communication and social interaction.

• Best practices in tactics and officer safety.

• Best practices in adult education and learning.

• Emerging technologies in digital learning and virtual/augmented reality training technologies.

• National data on serious/lethal attacks on LEOs and other officer safety trends and issues.

• National data on crime and police-community relations.

Here is just some of the independent research on T3:

TrustSafetyTrust graphic.jpg

One of the most important concepts in T3 is that trust is safety, safety is trust.

influence knob graphic.jpg
control knob graphic.jpg

Balance influence and control in every interaction for greater safety and effectiveness.

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