T3 - Tact, Tactics, and Trust™

Evidence-Based Training


T3™ uses training methods and content that are evidence-based and data-driven. What we teach in T3™ and how we teach it is shaped by the following key sources:

• Scientific research on decision-making, perception, cognition, and human performance in high-stress, critical environments.

• Scientific research on face-to-face communication and social interaction.

• Best practices in tactics and officer safety.

• Best practices in adult education and learning.

• Emerging technologies in digital learning and virtual/augmented reality training technologies.

• National data on serious/lethal attacks on LEOs and other officer safety trends and issues.

• National data on crime and police-community relations.

Here is just some of the research:



“Train to the desired outcome, not the isolated skill.”


T3 – Tact, Tactics, and Trust™ (T3™) has gained prominence across the United States and beyond as a unique, evidence-based police training system that combines essential officer safety, communication, and trust-building skills into a unified curriculum. These skills determine officers’ safety and effectiveness on every public interaction, as well as during their interactions with subordinates, peers, and leaders.

T3™ is a police training system that integrates officer safety, social interaction, trust-building skills in a single program. T3 is built on the core principle that whatever the operational context, all police actions must effectively integrate knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in three decisive areas of performance:

  • TACT: face-to-face communication that affirms the rights and dignity of all persons and minimizes unnecessary conflict.

  • TACTICS: actions conducive to preserving and protecting the life, safety, and physical and emotional well-being of all persons.

  • TRUST: actions that create and sustain mutual respect between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

T3™ takes an evidence-based, interactive, hands-on approach to learning and feedback that systematically develops officers’ ability to integrate tact, tactics, and trust. Like any kind of human performance, police-community interactions must be learned and deliberately practiced in a realistic context. Passive, lecture-based training is demonstrably ineffective at actually changing officers’ performance. To put this another way, memorizing facts in a classroom setting doesn’t translate into successful decisions on the street. Even officers who are poor performers can recite in a classroom setting what they are supposed to do: they just don’t do it in critical situations. For these reasons, we make our classes as interactive as possible, even though a large number of officers may be attending.​​

T3™ training enhances officers’ capacities to create safe, positive outcomes in their public interactions.  The skills we teach improve the ability to build rapport and community trust in diverse social contexts, especially under stressful and dangerous conditions. Officers equipped with T3™ skills are safer, more tactful, and less likely to use force.   

To learn more about T3™, including information about specific courses, scheduling, and costs, view our strategic overview.​

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