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See what our clients are saying about our training.

"This training will help save lives, not just those of law enforcement, but those of the public."

Officer, NYC Area

"Some of the best training I have been to in my professional career. Don [Gulla], Mike [O'Neill], and Trak [Silapaduriyang] are the most professional and credible group of instructors I have had the privilege of learning from."

Instructor, Okaloosa, FL

"In 17+ years of LE and thousands of hours of post Academy training, this was one of the better/best trainings I've attended. Thank you for this quality material you've put together."

Instructor, Anchorage, AK

"A fantastic, functional, inspirational course on every level. The instructors were each phenomenal - engaging, energizing, and motivating! They brought out our best in the group training and hands-on tactics. Amazing."

Instructor, Brainerd, MN

"I was impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge of the Polis Solutions staff. Everyone was professional, interesting and brought something to the table. I hope to one day to be able to even begin to reach the caliber of your instructors.  I thought your use of video and 'Tactical Decision Exercises' to encourage independent thinking, debate, and to view such police action from the perspective of the public was great."

Officer Charles Deshensky, Training Unit, Mamaroneck (NY) PD

"T3 will be implemented as a long term training strategy that will start in the Basic Academy and continue throughout an officer's career. It will be used in all components and include all units in the department. From Patrol, investigations, to crisis intervention."

Police Executive, Albuquerque, NM

"The workshop was motivating, informative and dealt with everyday life situations. Problems that we find in our communities on a daily basis were discussed.  We started with low morale...the day ended with love and respect for one another.  This workshop would make a difference between communities and police departments across the country. The instructors were awesome and I highly recommend them to other cities so that where we work, play and live can become better places." 

Reverend Dollie Manigo, Fayetteville(NC) Faith Leader and NAACP Official

"We are (I am too) very fortunate that our troops have embraced the [T3] concept and actually state, 'Chief, we want more and we want it delivered at the places we work.'  The community and media now understand our re-engineering well and they too see the differences."

Chief Edwin Roessler, Fairfax County (VA) PD

"Overall, I think this program is excellent and has the potential to relate effectively with police officers in developing critically needed communication and other tactical skills.  The syllabus is well thought out and utilizes an innovative approach to help cops better understand that their safety is closely tied to how they communicate with others in a wide range of situations.


I strongly encourage the BJA {Bureau of Justice Assistance] and the VRN [Violence Reduction Network] to support this course and expand its implementation to a wider audience of police personnel in other communities."

Chief Chris Magnus, Richmond (CA) PD

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Some of Our Clients:


Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice:

  • Albuquerque (NM) Police Department

  • Anchorage (AK) Police Department

  • Aurora (CO) Police Department

  • Beaufort (SC) Police Department

  • California POST

  • Central Bucks (PA) Police Department

  • Chicago Police Department

  • City of New York Police Department (NYPD)

  • Columbia (SC) Police Department

  • Columbus (OH) Police Department

  • DeKalb County (GA) Police Department

  • Detroit Police Department

  • DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance

  • DOJ Violence Reduction Network (VRN)

  • Doral (FL) Police Department

  • Essex (NJ) Prosecutor's Office

  • Fairfax County (VA) Police Department

  • Fayetteville (NC) Police Department

  • Fort Myers (FL) Police Department

  • Joplin (MO) Police Department

  • Lakeview (AR) Police Department

  • Major Cities Chiefs Association

  • Memphis Police Department

  • Metropolitan (Washington, D.C.) Police Department

  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police (NY)

  • Michigan City (IN) Police Department

  • Newburgh (NY) Police Department

  • New Orleans Police Department

  • New Rochelle (NY) Police Department

  • Newark (NJ) Police Department

  • North Slope Borough (AK) Police Department

  • Oakland (CA) Police Department

  • Okaloosa County (FL) Sheriff's Office

  • Philadelphia Police Department

  • Richmond (CA) Police Department

  • Snohomish County (WA) Sheriff's Office

  • Snohomish (WA) Police Department

  • State of Connecticut Department of Probation

  • State of Illinois Center for Excellence in Homicide and Sexual Assault Investigations 

  • Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Police (NY)

  • Tucson (AZ) Police Department

  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Police

  • Westchester County Department of Probation (NY)

  • Wichita Police Department

  • White Plains (NY) Police Department



  • Aptima

  • General Electric

  • Raytheon-BBN

  • SoarTech

  • SRI


  • University of California at Santa Cruz

  • University of Illinois

  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

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